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Private Cycle of Light Photography Workshops

I offer private photography workshops that range from a single day to a week or more (schedule permitting). These are usually one-on-one but couples or small groups are possibilities too. It is more cost effective to schedule private workshops in areas where I will already be but I am happy to travel anywhere in the world to work with you on your photography skills.

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More Flexibility

Without the challenges of a larger group, we have more flexibility not only in the times we shoot but where we go as well.  Of course, I will have recommendations, but the destinations and schedule are really up to you and Mother Nature.

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Greater Focus

Since my attention is 100% on you instead of a larger group, we can focus on the skills you want to improve on and the types of photography you are most interested in. We can also go into more advanced capture techniques like image stacking, focus stacking, panoramics, etc.

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Deeper information

With a private workshop we have more time to go deeper on the topics that are of interest to you. We can also cover more of the planning tools such as PhotoPills and The Photographer's Ephemeris.  There may even be more time to work on post-processing skills as well.

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