My article "How to Shoot and Process Meteor Shower Photographs: Part 1" is now live on Fstoppers

I am a Staff Writer for the excellent photography website, Fstoppers. One or two times a week I write an article for them about challenges, techniques, and anything else photography or videography related that is on my mind. With the Geminid meteor shower peaking this evening, I wrote a fairly detailed article on how to plan and prepare for shooting them. The second part of the series will be about processing the images into a cool composite. Head on over to Fstoppers to check it out!

Watch my latest video -- The Alvord Desert

Almost everywhere I go on my photography adventures, I capture quite a bit of Behind The Scenes (BTS) content. The challenge is finding time to edit the hundreds of gigabytes of video that I will record on a typical trip down into a few minutes of something worth watching. Since I will be hosting workshops in the Alvord Desert in 2018, I decided to spend some time creating an introductory video for anyone considering this amazing venue. If you like my video, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see more.